pedagogy, scholarship in public

Emerging Tech Panel – Learning in Commons

Here is the video of a panel I was part of at SITE 2018 this week.

The panel was discussing uses of Emerging Technologies in Teacher Education.
My portion (the first chunk of the video) discussed the use of an Elgg based social networking learning platform I developed called Pace Commons.

pedagogy, scholarship in public

Presentation – “Learning Computational Thinking Together”

I gave a presentation today at SITE 2018 called “Learning Computational Thinking Together.” It focuses on research I have done on participants in a sixth grade robotics program and how they talked about problem solving, building, and coding.



pedagogy, scholarship in public


For the past 3 to 5 years I have been reading some reliably great bloggers, like Stephen Downes, Audrey Watters, Maha Bali, and Laura Pasquini.

In addition to being provoked and challenged by their writing, I have been inspired by their example. They are disciplined, articulate, creative thinkers and writers. I see each if them – and others as well – as being public scholars. It is something I have aspired – and been inspired by be.

So, with this relaunch I hope to follow their lead. It is my goal to write here every day. To build a habit, to get thoughts on (digital) paper, to do crayon versions of my research.